Hi All, I am new here and thought I would introduce myself.
My Name is Sean, I have been with Ritz almost 10 years.  I manage store 29 in Va Beach and have managed that store for approx 4 years.  Before that I managed stores 28 (Norfolk, VA)) and 246 (Chesapeake, VA).  I started at the downtown Richmond Wolf Camera store in Oct. 1999 as a labbie and worked my way up to manager over the course of 3 years.  I love working for Ritz...though things are pretty stressful right you all know.  But I think we are gonna pull through just fine.
Well, I guess that is all for now.
I look forward to interacting with all of you here,
have a wonderful day.
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So I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed, but I just got hired at Ritz Camera. I start tomorrow. I was wondering what the dress code is. They haven't told me much about it. Should I just wear khakis and a collared shirt? Can I wear skirts? I might go out tonight and buy a pair or two of khakis. Are shorts allowed?

Sorry if this kind of post isn't allowed, and thanks for taking the time to help.


well ritz friends --

i'm a manager now.
store 1847 in monroeville, pa.

if any of you are familiar with the Boscov's department store chain, you'll know that there is an agreement with almost every Boscov's that Ritz Camera rents space from them. i'm basically a store within a store. 625 square feet of joy. and, for the time being...AA status. and somewhat decent factor figure.

i don't have a lab...i have one of those G4 machines. my finishing (if i get any) gets couriered to the hub store in the mall itself. (my old store, 45.)

things are way different. the best part is: i'm right next to major appliances (ie: 50 inch plasma screen HD TVs with direct tv!) and i get to watch Steeler games. how cool is that?

the downside: since not many people know we're there's been super slow. i have faith that it will pick up though.
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Just found this place...

...realized while bored at work today that I'd never poked around LJ to see if there were any Kits/Ritz/Wolf/whatever communities. Came home, did some poking, and ended up here. Imagine that!

So, I guess I'm saying my hellos from store #1003 in Seattle. Been at the store for about ten, almost eleven months now, pretty solidly a sales drone.

Random photogeeky bits: Nikon D70s user, and have tons of photos posted on Flickr.

Possible suggestion for the admins to think about: adding 'kits camera', 'wolf camera', and some (all?) of the other stores involved in the Ritz family to the group's interest list. My first searches were for 'kits camera/s' and didn't come up with anything until I started digging through some of the variations.

Hm. And now I've run out of steam. :)
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Darkroom tech?

I was at Ritz getting some film the other day and they need a part time dark room tech. I need a new job, so I was wondering what the responsibilities are of a darkroom tech? Just want to know for when I apply. Thanks in advance :]