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Just found this place... [Aug. 14th, 2006|10:55 pm]
ritz camera


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...realized while bored at work today that I'd never poked around LJ to see if there were any Kits/Ritz/Wolf/whatever communities. Came home, did some poking, and ended up here. Imagine that!

So, I guess I'm saying my hellos from store #1003 in Seattle. Been at the store for about ten, almost eleven months now, pretty solidly a sales drone.

Random photogeeky bits: Nikon D70s user, and have tons of photos posted on Flickr.

Possible suggestion for the admins to think about: adding 'kits camera', 'wolf camera', and some (all?) of the other stores involved in the Ritz family to the group's interest list. My first searches were for 'kits camera/s' and didn't come up with anything until I started digging through some of the variations.

Hm. And now I've run out of steam. :)