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Darkroom tech? [Apr. 29th, 2006|11:41 pm]
ritz camera


I was at Ritz getting some film the other day and they need a part time dark room tech. I need a new job, so I was wondering what the responsibilities are of a darkroom tech? Just want to know for when I apply. Thanks in advance :]

From: sheliewest
2006-04-30 12:32 pm (UTC)
darkroom tech?
if this is a regular, run of the mill ritz --- TECHNICALLY, there aren't any darkrooms.
my guess is that it's really for help in the mini-lab.
which is actually quite fun...if you're anal about color and tonal ranges...as well as willing to learn about all the different quirks to lab work (chemistry, paper, etc...)...then lab work is decent.

also -- most stores are actually hiring for "floaters", which are people who "float" in between sales and lab. mostly ringing in finishing...and the occasional camera sale. depends on the store. mine -- we have straight commissioned sales people (like myself), some floaters, and a strictly lab guy. but we're a bigger store.

it helps to be as versitile as possible, and have knowlege or background in photography when you apply. because you never know when the newb lab person will not show up, and you have to take over running the lab (which i had to do once or twice...luckily...i know enough about the lab to not have any problems!)

enough of this diatribe. good luck with your job search.
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